Participation in the Industrial Spring Visitor guides presents a powerful opportunity for exhibitors to communicate their products and services to the events invited visitors and communities before, during and after the show.

This enables exhibitors to promote their attendance at the event and schedule meetings before the event commences, and drive visitors to their exhibition stand during the show as well as to remind visitors of their services once the show has ended.

Via its unique marketing programme and perfectly timed distribution, Industrial Spring Visitor guides will help exhibitors to maximise the return on their show investment and provide the perfect platform to promote their products and services over 12 months.


Before: Industrial Spring Preview digital magazine

Announce your presence while people are busy planning their visit to Industrial Spring 2019 events.

The Industrial Spring Preview lets you begin your dialogue with show attendees while they are planning who they will see and meet during the event. Industrial Spring Preview is emailed to the entire database of present and past attendees. This makes it a perfect opportunity to let the entire audience know you are exhibiting and to start scheduling appointments and meetings.

Show Magazine

During: Industrial Spring Show Magazine

Maximise your visibility and drive traffic to your stand during Industrial Spring 2019.

The Industrial Spring official Visitor Guide provides the business context and backdrop to the event. It showcases exhibitors, partners, representatives, media, press and supporters to the show visitors and provides the key editorial voice of the event.

The visitor guide is made available to all visitors attending the event from the entrance areas and gives exhibitors the perfect opportunity to promote themselves to visitors looking for new products and solutions during the event.

It helps exhibitors increase brand awareness and visibility and increases visitors to their stand/booth during the event.


After: Industrial Spring Review digital magazine

Follow through on Industrial Spring 2019 by communicating with everyone who registered for the show.

The digital Review gives exhibitors the perfect opportunity to maintain your presence after the event, when attendees develop contracts and strategic partnerships based on who they’ve met and seen during the show.

Packed with articles recapping the highlights of the event, seminars and star exhibitors, the Industrial Spring Review is emailed to the entire database of 56,000 readers. This is the ideal option to reach out to every possible contact at Industrial Spring and remind them of your business and connect with them again.